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In New York City and Nassau County every pest problem is unique. The way we’ve designed and deploy our pest control program starts with an extensive monitoring that is different from our competitors. 

Exterminize will not come out and do a general spray treatment and leave it at that. It is a multi-step program that addresses correcting root causes and delivering targeted treatments to reduce the threat for multiple pest." 


Pest control specialists are a lot more concerned with figuring out why pests have invaded your home and then fixing the issue, which will stop the pests from gaining access to your home. Pest control specialists are more concerned with finding long-term solutions for clients as opposed to simply killing pests and then leaving. They also tend to use products that are less harsh than exterminators are, since they understand that those products can be just as bothersome as the pests themselves in some cases. 

It wouldn't be our brand if we didn't say something about sanitizing the home and vacuuming cracks and other areas that are hard to reach which harbor pest. If the conditions contributing to the pest are not fixed, it doesn't matter what product we use it will be very difficult to get rid of them. 

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Exterminize, is helping people explore and learn about new  pest control innovations and products that protect you and your family. 

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 At Exterminize we use the same products utilized in hospital and schools.  We provide services that are effective & safe for your home or business . We service residential and commercial  establishments including hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, bars, museums and many others.  

  • Fully licensed, insured  pest control NYC
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Free consultations
  • Bedbug/Termite inspection & prep
  • Eco-friendly options
  • Restaurant  treatments
  • Hospitals & Schools treatments
  • Residential treatments
  • 30  or 60  day follow up
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

 We are happy to provide same-day service to our customers for any pest situation.