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Out of all of the pests you can have in your property, termites are some of the worse. Not only can they eat you out of house and home, it might be a while before you even know you have a termite infestation. Before offering our termite control services.

Termites have commanded more attention than any insect pest. Exterminize control specialists are knowledgeable in building construction, termite biology and behavior, the proper and safe use of pesticides, the use and maintenance of equipment, and safety. We always use considerable judgment in the performance of every job!

Barrier termite treatments are designed to prevent termites from entering the structure. These treatments prevent termites that are already inside the structure from getting to the soil to get the moisture needed to survive.

If you choose a liquid termite method, it will give you faster results, and you can apply the finished solution close to the termite infestation. If you have an existing termite infestation, applying a liquid termiticide may mean that drilling is required to reach the termites. Drilling through concrete or a slab and pumping the volume of finished solution required to set up a termite barrier.

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Termite Exterminating for NYC & Long Island!

Termite Exterminating for NYC & Long Island!