Pest Control FAQs


FAQ: Do I need to prepare prior to treatment?

Yes. Exterminize will need full access to your space with nothing in the way for them to perform the work properly. There should be no clutter of any kind.

For termite pest control: 


How much does it cost to get a termite inspection?

FREE Inspections are given on a structure to get a quote or advice on clients concerns. 

Real Estate inspections for a home sale or refinance which require  termite certificates, normally the average cost is $160-$200, depending on the termite inspection company.

What does it mean when I see flying termites?

These are called Swarmers. Swarmers outside are common in the early spring, summer and fall depending on the type of termite. A few from the thousands outside may find their way inside your home, but usually are not an immediate risk. Swarmers inside your home, more than 10-20 or so, is a strong indication that termites have established a colony inside the structure and your home needs to be inspected by a professional ASAP.

How long can termites be in my home before I will see signs of them?

It can take termites 2-4 years to become well established in the walls or floors of your home before there are any visible signs.

How quick can termite eat wood in my home?

Eastern Subterranean Termites can eat 1 foot of 2x4 in 120 days. Formosan Termites can eat 1 foot of 2x4 in 19 days. Drywood Termites consume wood very slow rate, it could be many years before a small pocket of damage is ever discovered.

I see swarmers! But how can I tell which type it is?

Eastern Sub swarmers will be black in color and typically swarm February thru March during the day. Formosan swarmers will be a goldish-orange in color and will typically swarm May-June in the early evening. Drywood swarmers will be goldish-orange in color also, however they will swarm around September.

How can I tell the difference between Moisture damage and Termite damage?

Moisture damage when dried will be shriveled and cracked and there will be no dirt packed into the cracks and openings. Subterranean Termite damage , Eastern Subs and Formosans, will have dirt in it. These termites have to seal out the dry air from inside the wood that they are infested in, so they use dirt and their own saliva to accomplish this. Drywood damage will have smooth and clean damage with pellets like sandy granules that fall out when damaged areas are opened.

Is wood or mulch around my home a risk?

Yes and No. Termites are attracted to wood (cellulose), so if your home has no termite treatment barrier it is only a matter of time before they will find and infest your home when scouting out areas around infested wood and mulch in your yard. However if your home has a termite treatment barrier, wood and mulch is acceptable under certain conditions. It is best to have no wood to ground contact on your home. It is also best to keep mulch and shrubs 10-12 inches away from touching your home. This way you are eliminating the things that termites use to bridge over treatment barriers.

My neighbor just treated their home for termites, should I be concerned?

Yes, because subterrean termites will travel and scout out new areas to infest up to 300 feet away from the treated home.

No, however, if you presently have a active termite contract with an professional termite company and your home is regularly inspected.

When my home is treated for termites, do we have to leave the home?

No your family does not have to leave. Termidor is one of the safest materials to treat termites on the market today, with virtually no odor. So it is safe to use with people and pets around.

For bed bug pest control: Closets need to be emptied with everything wrapped up & sealed. All clothing should be washed and kept in sealed plastic bags.

For rodents & other insect pest control: Access to baseboards is needed to look for entry points. Kitchen cabinets & drawers need to be emptied to allow access to critical entry points.

Will any product that is used damage or stain the furniture or carpet in my home?

No, it will not.

What type of Eco-friendly treatment options do you offer?

We offer the following ECO-friendly treatments:

  • Heat Steam
  • Eco-green Product
  • Spot Freeze 

I have bed bugs, will I need to follow up with multiple treatments?

For bed bugs a minimum of 2 treatments is required. This is needed for the most effective results and also so that we can target both adults, babies (nymphs) & unhatched eggs.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or credit card.

How soon will a technician arrive?

Most of the time we can schedule a technician to arrive at your home within a few hours..

Do you offer warranties for the work performed?

Yes, we offer warranties of 30, 60 or 90 day periods. Your options will be discussed in person with our technicians.

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely. If you are not satisfied with our service, let us know and we will fix it ASAP so that you are 100% satisfied with our work.

How long does the treatment take?

For bed bugs it usually takes 1-3 hours. Evacuation is mandatory for a 6 hour period while we perform work. A 24 hour evacuation period is needed for children under the age of 4 and anyone with breathing problems (asthma/COPD..etc).

Will you be in communication with me about the job?

Yes, our technician will call you prior to arriving and after the job has been completed. Any necessary arrangements to lock the door will be discussed with the technician.

Will I receive a copy of the work order that was performed?

Absolutely. You will receive an invoice emailed to you which details any work performed. The invoice can be paid upfront over the phone prior to the start of the work or on the spot with the technician.

Can you describe your inspection process for bed bugs?

We first will come to your location and perform a visual inspection to assess the situation. 


After inspection, we determine the best method to tackle the situation and begin preparation for treatment. We provide bed bug prep services or you may do the prep yourself prior to treatment.

Then, we will perform the treatment to your location. We require 2 treatments for maximum effectiveness and also so that we can effectively treat adult & nymph (baby) bed bugs as there will most likely be bed bugs at different growth stages at your location.